Our philosophy is living quality

Not only our TÜV-Certificate DIN ISO 9001, already acquired in 1996, guarantees our quality management. We also maintain our high quality standard by constant training of our employees and continuous improvement processes. Quality means to us that the customer returns again and again instead of the product.

Quality matures - in our own company

Professional QualificationYou can talk about the future. Or you can do something about it: For example by promoting our young engineers continuously. Therefore, part of our philosophy is to employ almost all of the students who finished their final thesis with our projects. In addition, we attach great importance to in-depth knowledge and practical know-how of our trainees. We are well aware of our corporate social responsibility towards young people and our employees.

The result of this anticipatory personnel policy can clearly be seen: a low staff turn-over and a high level of identification of our employees with our company. A lot of people working with us have turned their passion into their jobs.

Our certificates can be found at Download.