Scope of supply

KIMA's range of products and services at a glance:

Challenging automation projects need intelligent solutions. KIMA develops tailor-made control systems for your machines and operational processes.

Through our international experience in a wide variety of production sectors, KIMA is a competent and flexible partner offering you an extensive and highly attractive range of products and services.

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Consulting and design Consulting and design

A good feeling to begin with: Already during pre-planning you will profit from our international, long-time experience in a wide variety of production sectors. We provide fair, impartial, and transparent advice in each and every project phase.

Engineering and CAD Engineering and CAD

Engineering is an essential part of our scope of supply ranging from the planning of the medium voltage distribution level and the power distribution to the electrical control technology. This means in detail:

  • Concept design/safety assessment
  • Determination of systems considering customer specifications
  • Design of CAD circuit diagrams
  • Preparation of function charts and execution sequences
  • Preparation of necessary test and inspection reports
  • Preparation of inspection and acceptance documentation
Switchboard construction Switchboard construction

When manufacturing our switchgear cabinets a maximum of accuracy and quality control is needed. KIMA guarantees that by standardized and certified operational procedures:

  • Switchboards from our own work shop based on regulations of the VDE, IEC, UL, British Standards, etc. and in accordance with different factory standards and customer specifications
  • Switchboards are tested according to national and international regulations
  • Only switchboards that have been checked and tested accordingly leave our work shop
  • On customers� request we carry out pre-acceptance tests including corresponding software with process simulation in our plant
  • Mechanical production and processing with computerized machine tools
  • Low voltage distribution cabinets up to 4000 A
  • High quality standard due to standardized constructional systems using established components
Software engineering Software engineering

Our software development for process control engineering is always individually matched to our customers� needs. All common control systems that are available on the market can be programmed by us (e.g. Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell, ABB). Depending on the different industries we use software modules that we developed ourselves as well as standard libraries of different system manufacturers.

Visualization/Operator systems Visualization/Operator systems

"Easy to use" and "Learning by doing" are central statements in our visualization applications. A clear hierarchy and structured organization are the basis of a self-explanatory visualization that enables your personnel to operate a plant without the help of complex operating manuals. We offer:

  • Design of visualization applications for process and machine controllers as well as logging and reporting considering different system providers
  • Drive diagnostics
  • Measuring diagnostics
  • Operating mode and group diagnostics
  • Display and parameterization possibilities for complex controllers
  • Management Information Systems
  • Use of standard visualization systems (WinCC, Citect, Intouch, etc.)
Controller engineering/Fuzzy Control Controller engineering/Fuzzy Control

The automatic/closed loop control engineering of different processes of various industrial sectors is an important part of our engineers' daily work. The control engineering's integral demand also includes recognizing the process requirements of our clients and offering individual solutions. By means of modern process simulation the process can be emulated in order to optimize the controllers:

  • PID control
  • Non-linear controllers based on characteristic diagrams
  • Hybrid control
  • KIMA Fuzzy Control
  • Neuronal control
Management Information Systems Management Information Systems

These days, greater importance is attached to the storage, visualization and analysis as well as the automatic reporting of production data for the management. Therefore, we believe in using proven systems and standards by well-known manufacturers, e.g. Siemens or Videc. These are then adjusted and extended as per our customers' requirements.

  • Redundant databases
  • Quality assessment of your products
  • "easy-to-use" and fast report of individually compiled data
  • Close connection to office-products (databases, Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Sectoral reporting as per authorities' requirements
Medium voltage cabinets Medium voltage cabinets

Apart from the self-manufactured low voltage switchgear cabinets, KIMA plans, projects and installs medium voltage switchgears up to 33kV. The components, like transformers, medium voltage switchgear cabinets and protection relays, are engineered by KIMA, purchased from well-known manufactures and installed and commissioned on our customer's site by KIMA's specialized employees.

Electrical erection and supervision Electrical erection and supervision

Within the scope of turn-key solutions, it goes without saying that we also assume responsibility for the entire electrical installation.

Your advantage: one company in charge of all your questions as well as a coherent concept from one source.

We carry out:

  • Engineering of cable routings and erection of cable ways
  • Installation of all necessary cables and conductors
  • Termination and test of the electrical installations
  • Assembly and test of all necessary earthings and protective measures
Commissioning Commissioning

KIMA's experienced engineers carry out the commissioning of the plants and process controls that were planned and built by us. This of course includes:

  • Testing the complete periphery (sensors, actuators)
  • Commissioning of bus systems
  • Functional testing of the safety related emergency shutdown
  • Adjustment and parameterization of the medium voltage protection relays
  • Documentation as per specific test reports, e.g. motor and measurement control sheets
  • Training and instruction of operating and service personnel after commissioning
  • Process optimization together with the customer on request
Documentation and training Documentation and training

We will instruct your operating- and service personnel in all technical details. Of course, our documentation, which is individually issued, and final documentation are part of our scope of supply.

Customer service/After-sales service Customer service/After-sales service

It is understood that you will also profit from our customer service (24-h availability) and our extensive spare parts depot after commissioning.