Hydropower plants

Refurbishment of the electro technical and process control installation of six hydropower plants with 2 generators each and super ordinate external control (ÜOW/Q).

Control System: 
2 x SIMATIC S7 400 (for the generators)
1 x SIMATIC S7 400
• for the dam control and general control functions
• remote control communication via IEC104

1 x SIMATIC S7 400
• for the ÜOW/Q (superordinate external control)
• remote control communication via IEC104

Visualisation System: 
WinCC V7.3
• 2 x redundant workstations with WinCC for the local visualization of automatic and manual operation as well as recording of performance data

Network System: 

Industrial Ethernet
• via redundant, fibre optical ring
• Communication of SIMATIC S7 controls among each other and the operating and monitoring system
• Remote control recording IEC 60870-5-104 for the simultaneous
communication of 3 control stations

• Decentralized periphery for signal detection and control of auxiliary systems


Time stamping of messages with a resolution of 3ms

DC/DC system
• Supply and installation of a redundant, diverse DC supply with
battery unit and inverter

400 VAC power supply

Low voltage switchgear cabinets for two auxiliary system transformers

Supply and exchange of auxiliary system transformers

Switchover to auxiliary supply with emergency power supply