Control system for a research laboratory in the chemical industry

Control System: 
Customized redundant highly available S7-400

Redundantly linked S7-1500 (CPU1516) for detection of about 800 measured values in real-time

Connection of 5 test stations with a total of about 500 measuring points

Visualisation System: 
Redundant visualization system with a total of 12 servers (4 x Trend, 2 x Alarm, 2 x Report and 4 x IO) from Citect (Schneider)

8 x Citect Client workstations, 1 x Citect engineering station

Storage of test results and Citect configurations in an office SQL database for central evaluation

Connection to other databases via customer-supplied interface DLLs

Network System: 
Redundant bus systems
Industrial Ethernet

Exchange of multiple distributed Citect SCADA systems to a central Citect SCADA system (merging of existing projects)

Recording of approx. 1.500 measured values incl. detection of the time stamp at the measuring point

Recording of approx. 190.000 messages and faults