Migration - Reconstruction during ongoing operation

Migration of automation technology

Many currently installed control systems are outdated and are no longer supported by the manufacturer. This means that spare parts are hardly availabe and there are only a few possibilities to connect current systems. Also, it is increasingly difficult to find service engineers who master the older automation systems perfectly. The replacement of automation technology often causes a plant standstill which in itself poses great risks. Therefore, a comparison to an "open heart surgery" describes the complexity of the topic quite well. This comparison also indicates that the operator benefits from his experience and KIMA has been successfully working on a lot of respective projects. For many years now, KIMA has migrated various control systems in different industrial sectors. The exact scheduling of processes and schedules, as well as the prior simulation of the new software ensure a virtually risk-free migration.

Current migration projects:

Reconstruction waterworks
Scope:200 drives, 250 measurements, 30 controllers/sequences
Prior system:ABB / OHP(ProWin)
New system:Siemens (WinCC/Step7)
Reconstruction period:Reconnection of about 20 external stations during ongoing operation. Renewal of the plant bus/control system during operation. Step-by-step replacement of about 22 controllers and IO peripheries during ongoing operation and at night.
Speciality:redundant PLC system (Siemens), redundant Server-Client System, Acron, Sinaut ST7, Page Control

Reconstruction cement plant
Scope:250 drives, 200 measurements, 50 controllers/routes
Prior system:Siemens PCS7 CEMAT (Client-Server) with S5 controllers and S5 periphery
New system:Siemens PCS7 CEMAT (Client-Server) with S7 controllers and S7 periphery
Reconstruction period:Replacement of the mill control as well as raw material transport within two weeks. Exchange of hardware for the continuous blending silo approx. one week: Exchange of software for the continuous blending silo approx. one week.
Speciality:The plant will be reconstructed in several steps to avoid prolonged downtime. The unpreventable downtime takes place on holidays and can be compensated by stockpiling.

Reconstruction mineral mixing plant
Scope:130 drives, 100 measurements, Integration of an old S5 PLC
Prior system:hardwired process control via group switches and partial integration of PLC
New system:Siemens WinCC/Step7 KIMA Software for linked material transport
Reconstruction period:The plant was reconstructed within 10 days during the annual winter repair.
Speciality:Renewal of the entire electrical installation in parallel during ongoing operation. The overall project incl. engineering-CAD, switchgear cabinet construction, software development, installation and commissioning took less than 3 months.

When does a company have to start thinking about a reconstruction:

Availability of spare parts:Modules have been discontinued, new computers require current operating systems that usually are not compatible with old systems and may therefore hide undetected risks
Service:Only a few employees/operators are able to handle old systems safely.

operational safety:
Touch protection in switchgear cabinets is not sufficient.
Safety:Necessary requirements of the professional association, such as new performance levels, are not achieved!
Product optimization:Increasing performance and ensuring the required quality using modern automation, measuring and control technology.

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